Company Delcopi launched a new smart card for Ricoh Gestetner SP 1100. Smart card is available for orders from dealers


Updating Software, version 4.3.1
* the error of programming of chips Sams SCX 5635/5835 Is corrected
* the error of programming of chips 92112 Xer Is corrected. W.C. 3210/3220 (2k) and
Sams CLP310/315-CLX3170/3171/3175 (Y)

Attention, this updating only programs to update it is not necessary.


New programmer update is available!
Firmware Version 0741
Software version for PC 4.3
An error appeared during analyzing of the  smart card was corrected.


New programmer update is available!
Firmware version 0741
Software version for PC 4.3

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more than 100 chip models

Company information

The history of Delcopi dates back to the beginning of 2006. The company specializes in engineering, production and realization of crum-modules (chips, smart-chips) for copy machines and printers.

Many modules produced by our company have the same microchip as the authentic one, so the levels of power consumption and noise immunity correspond to the original products.

Using our crum-modules you get a product working as OEM, that implies a complete compatibility with quality of original expendables.

Our wholesale clients are the companies of such countries as: The USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Israel, Turkey, China.

Our goals

  • Quality improvement of recycling and supplies production,
  • Recycling cost price reduction
  • Reduction of cost price of compatible supplies production
  • Unification of supplies
  • Increase of the final consumers buying ability due to price cut and quick response to the changes in the supplies market